For the vast majority of business owners, the answer is “No.” And when they do find out, most find that it’s much less than they thought it was and much less than they need for retirement. So it’s equally important to get the answer to this question: What do I need to do, throughout all areas of my company, to increase its value? We can now answer that for you in about 15-minutes.

Value is an excellent indicator of business and brand health. When companies and brands are built from the inside-out by improving people, processes and brand experience at all levels, profits grow while marketing costs shrink. This obviously pays immediate dividends to owners but also protects owners, their families and employees in the tragic event of either death or disability. There are thousands of examples of companies forced out of business with the loss of all jobs and millions of dollars of asset value. It doesn’t have to happen.

We are one of a handful of organizations worldwide, certified and licensed to use the Value Builder System. What does this mean? It means one more piece of proprietary technology and process that we are able to deploy, in addition to our own proven marketing, and HR systems, to help our clients achieve unprecedented results.

The average Value Builder engagement results in a business value increase of 71%.

It starts with a simple 10-15 minute survey to determine where you are today. (And then the real fun begins.)

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