Our clients achieve unprecedented growth and profit, with less effort and smaller ad budgets. 

Plus our NEXiT® process can turn a 40% increase in sales into a 150% increase in business value.

Rule #1

There is no such thing as “Branding.”

Unless you raise livestock. Otherwise, it’s a hip word for “expensive new logo”.


Your brand is the experience, anticipated, lived, and remembered, that’s created by your business. It’s your BrandDNA™ created by you and your team from the inside-out, not by an ad agency “branding” you from the outside-in. Great brands win by building a better mousetrap instead of simply running ads claiming to. Don’t “rebrand.” Become a great brand… Invent the cat.


When you attract customers with a better mousetrap (a.k.a. “The Cat”) you’re much more profitable with less effort than when you chase them with gimmicks and discounts. Improve profits, lower sales costs, and stop competing on price. We’ve been helping clients rethink, attract and dominate markets since 1984. Let’s raise your expectations, not your ad budget.


And Finally…



Chase perfection

We work with clients who want to be better today than they were yesterday. And tomorrow, even better. These are companies where “good enough” is something only competitors say. Where words like “integrity” and “ethics” live in the heart of the organization and not simply on a Core Values poster. They want to Chase Perfection and seek Profit with Purpose®.

Catch Excellence

Paraphrasing the great Vince Lombardi, when we Chase Perfection we Catch Excellence. We started in a tiny apartment in 1984 as the “Un-Agency” to protect business owners from unscrupulous ad agencies and media reps. Today we still do that and are the only firm in America that integrates strategic marketing and media execution with talent assessment and attraction, business valuation growth, and succession planning.


For nearly 40 years we’ve helped businesses achieve incredible results from start-up through maturity – and even through succession. Our clients enjoy record growth and leave behind a better company and legacy while collecting a premium on their sweat equity. We think they’ve earned it. We leave our legacy by helping business owners grow and leave theirs.

"You've helped us reinvent our market SO we no longer have to compete on price. And I have the P&L to prove it."

"You put us on the map and rewrote it. Sales are up 500% with a multi-million dollar increase in our business value."

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