The Brand Refinery®


Simply a better way to strategically grow, manage, enjoy, and ultimately exit a business on your terms.

BRAND Refining,  not rebranding.

As bad as “branding” is, rebranding is worse.

Imagine rebranding a steer over and over. You end up with a mess of logos you can’t read, lots of invoices, and it’s still the same steer. “Rebranding” a business is the same thing.

Real brand is built from the inside-out, not the outside-in. Brand is experience and expectation. It is a reflection of your BrandDNA™. It’s not a logo. Brand refining is like any other refining – it removes impurities and improves performance and value.

We take both a microscopic look at your BrandDNA™ as well as a 40,000 foot view of your business and your market. We get a lot of data and are able to make most of the subjective, objective. Our refinement process takes the old 4P’s (price, product, place, promotion) and infuses a new set:  Purpose, People, Process, Positioning.

Brand refinement is at the core of what we do and is the cornerstone of successfully building a better, higher-performing and more valuable company. No other firm does what we do, the way we do it, or why we do it.

In other words, we practice what we preach.

What is your Skopós?

Profit With Purpose® is more than our trademarked tagline. Skopós means “purpose.” The “why” behind the “who/how/what.” Ours is to protect business owners and empower them to unprecedented success. One of the ways we live this is by helping you find your true purpose for being a business, rally a team behind it and by fulfilling the real needs of your customers – enjoy greater profits now and when you are ready to move on.

This is what we can do for you at Skopós. Our NEXiT® System and Brand Refinery® process is some of how we do it. The result is a stronger, more profitable and growing business that likely spends less on marketing than before and provides you more freedom to do what you love to do.

"You re-purposed our Brand DNA, gave us A Mission, unprecedented dealer participation and huge growth."

"Your media skills are unrivaled. Our competitors are spending twice as much and are REACTING TO us."

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