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Thoughts from Kevin Koster

Managing Partner and

Certified Value Builder Advisor

Craftsmanship. A Skopós Unto Itself.

When was the last time you met a “Master Penman?” For that matter, when was the last time you met a Master anything? In a world that seems to be wired for faster/cheaper, those who strive for excellence in their chosen vocation can seem like the oddballs. Meet Jake...

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End The Battle Between Marketing And Sales

Where does ‘Marketing’ end and ‘Sales’ begin? I once was asked to participate in a roundtable of about 20 C-Suite execs where the subject was, “Where does ‘Marketing’ end and ‘Sales’ begin?” With me was a friend and excellent sales trainer. He went first and offered...

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What Are You Really Worth?

Of course, the short answer is, “What someone is willing to pay me.” This is a remarkably simple and accurate statement. And when the question refers to your products and services, how often is that answer followed by, “And that seems to be less and less every day.”...

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9-11 And Our Sense Of Purpose

Today, September 11, 2016, we rightfully remember the events of 15 years ago and those whose lives were lost. We also remember those whose lives were forever changed that day. And while certainly foremost were those of the families and first-responders, all of us were...

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Is Your Business Really Worth What You Think It Is?

For the vast majority of business owners, the answer is “No.” And when they do find out, most find that it's much less than they thought it was and much less than they need for retirement. So it's equally important to get the answer to this question: What do I need to...

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